Project Description

Stuart Dods Photography


I have had a pretty diverse life so far. I have been a salesman for 15yrs both locally and abroad, a professional drummer with “Famous Curtain Trick”, an uncle to a beautiful niece and nephew.

I guess I have always had a camera in hand as far back as school days. But although I had a love of visual things never thought the way I saw the world and captured it, was something that other people would take pleasure in with me. Well, I guess that all changed for me after shooting with film on holidays and getting friends to do portfolios with me in Ldn. After 5yrs in London and my return to South Africa I made the move to a digital camera. This opened up a whole new world to me and I was hooked more than ever before.

I guess I have never been an analytical person so have never really delved deep into at what stage I made photography a career but what I do know is I have to be happy when I take photos. It’s a passion that steals my creative energy but feeds my soul at the same time and my soul needs to be willing to reciprocate. Otherwise it’s an arrangement that doesn’t work.
Then I met the love of my life and long story short…..I picked up my camera believed in myself and turned a passion into a career.
I value my blessing everyday.

A wedding is a once off important occasion and so is my approach to it …….

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