Project Description




About AutonoWare

AutonoWare is a collaboration of key individuals from both sides of the IT fence, including management, marketing, sales and engineering from major software vendors, together with technical automation development and design from decades of collective work at corporate customers, including the highly demanding banking industry. This combination helps to provide a unique understanding of what today’s customers really want from their IT delivery.

The shift in the industry is more and more to move from the PC to a “Cloud” environment in which flexibility and agility are key drivers. For this reason, both desktop and application virtualization are growing rapidly in popularity. This along with the further consumerization of IT and higher demands for mobility from users. From experience, AutonoWare fully understands the challenges that IT departments face when trying to transform their applications into solutions that can need these new and ever changing requirements. As the complexity of delivering and managing an increasingly large portfolio of applications continues to grow, many organizations seek to manage that complexity by virtualizing their application portfolio. While this approach may measurably reduce IT labor costs moving forwards for new applications, migrating the existing legacy applications can be a time consuming experience with the added overhead of additional environments to manage, resulting in an impact on application management and business agility.

AutonoWare realizes the challenges for companies trying to introduce automation, but are held back by the resource requirements and budget restrictions. Our aim is to remove the obstacles to ensure that some of these processes are no longer a barrier for productivity by providing an automation solution that simulates the perfect error-free technical engineer without the need for any programming. This is the basis of AutonoWare.

The Application Virtualization Solution

With AutonoWare’s extensive background in application virtualization, we understand that this is an area that provides customers a considerably improved experience for managing their applications portfolio. The key area, however, which has been the most time consuming and costly is packaging the existing applications and staying on top of updates. AutonoWare has created the solution with ConversionBox.

Put simply, AutonoWare takes care of the complexity, so that you don’t have to